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Blair Street Historic District Association (BSHDA)
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Silverton, Colorado 81433

Silverton, Colorado had its "Red Light" district "Notorious Blair Street". A gold strike was made, and faster than you could blink an eye, forces were there to separate a miner from his money. There were 32 saloons, gambling halls and houses of ill-repute in a three block stretch on this street, named after Thomas Blair, one of the original San Juan prospectors. He also owned the Assembly Rooms, where poker chips and cards were the vice of choice.

From its earliest days, the street was infamous for its loud music and dance halls. In fact, the people on the south end of Blair Street were so embarrassed by its reputation that they petitioned the Silverton Town Council to have their end of the street renamed "Empire Street". Both street names exist today.

Blair Street Mission: Create a memorable experience for visitors while promoting safety and increase revenue for the merchants and town.


Keep our history alive!

Blair Street is the gateway to Silverton. Our goal is to increase tourism and town funding by improving the gateway and bringing back the old west. Make Silverton more attractive, draw visitors and film industries, and make Blair Street safer for visitors with better sidewalks/lighting.

  1. Preserve and restore historic aesthetics and keep a 1880-1900's rustic theme.
  2. Western & mining origin.
  3. Use wood & metal products.
  4. Historical lighting, sidewalks/boardwalks.

Safe for locals & visitors:

  1. Pedestrian friendly.
  2. Handicap friendly.

Silverton, Colorado- Notorious Blair Street