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Bent Elbow Hotel & Restaurant & Old Time Saloon

Silverton Colorado - The Bent Elbow Hotel and Restaurant - Silverton, Colorado

Silverton Colorado Weather The Bent Elbow
Hotel, Restaurant & Bar
Owners/Operators: Darlene & Mark Watson
1114 Notorious Blair Street
Silverton, Colorado 81433
Call: 970-387-5775 or Toll-free: 877-387-5775
E-mail: dwatsonthebentelbow@gmail.com
Website: thebent.com

The Bent Elbow, located in the historic gold and silver mining town of Silverton, Colorado, takes you back in time to the wild era when Silverton was a brawling and rowdy town with its round-the-clock gambling, drinking and dance hall girls.

The original Bent Elbow was built in 1907 and opened as Fattor's Tremount Saloon. It was home to a Bordello upstairs with 14 beds. It was owned by Celeste and Matilda "Big Tillie" Fattor.

The Bent Elbow Hotel Victorian Room

After "Big Tillie's" death from pneumonia in 1918, the Saloon changed hands numerous times until it was bought by Fred Bostock in 1956. He opened it as a restaurant and bar, filled it with priceless antiques, and named it the Bent Elbow. He had live music everyday and staged melodramas and gunfights to attract and entertain tourists.

In 1968, after the building was bought by Effie and her husband R.M. "Snarky" Andreatta, it was completely destroyed by fire. Effie was a resourceful and enterprising woman, who proceeded to have the building rebuilt before the first train of the following season, all the while, making meals in a temporary kitchen at a neighboring mercantile.

Each of the six rooms at The Bent Elbow has been attentively decorated to reflect the themes of an era: from Americana, to Victorian, to Bordello.

Silverton, Colorado- Notorious Blair Street